Wednesday, 18 January 2012

La Torretta is ours! - Wednesday

Wednesday felt like a very different day. We woke up, looked at ourselves, and both thought "crikey - we've finally done it!". So, here you see me, proudly unlocking for the first time (and trying to ignore the weeds in the drive that I really need to tackle! The weather was still very cold, and there was about 2 hours before heading for the airport to take in the place on our own. I am delighted to say that the sun beamed down on the front terrace, so we were able to have our sandwiches (bought from the village shop of course!) with the sun on our faces, overlooking Papiano. That was a good moment...

So, the work starts now. Rental, website, letting agent, buying a LOT of towels, sheets and pillowcases, utilities, local taxes, blah blah blah. And getting the garden together. We will be there next at the end of March.

Can't wait!!

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