Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A lovely mid week wine..

What a  glorious day! Time for something fresh to tickle the tastebuds. Out comes an old favourite, Gruner Veltliner from Austria. Do not be fooled by the thin bottle, it is a DRY WINE! And lovely too..real character. On the palate, spicy, minerally, fresh. Produced by Austria’s acclaimed Domäne Wachau estate from their beautiful terraced vineyards along the banks of the Danube. I shall be easting this with a chicken stir-fry, and that's a great match! (Waitrose £8.99)

Monday, 14 May 2012

It's great when it does't hurt...

Sunday was a good day. Went running in the morning. No more than an hour - I am still, after all, recovering from the marathon. I have been nursing a niggle in my right knee, and fearfully inching up the miles -3 ,4, 5 - to find the bite point when it hurts. So, what a pleasure it is not to find it after 8. Now, I did experience a bit of stiffness in the aforementioned muscle, but that's fine, we are on the right path. And I have one more week of doing what I want before I really get back into training. But for what, I wonder...

I reflected on how the lack of a goal in running can make it all quite strange. I don't think many people are truly spontaneous, and just run when they fancy, with no thought of purpose. Maybe there are folk like that. Not the ones I meet, though. The need to have some kind of a target just makes it all make sense to me. It doesn't have to be a bold one, but it does need to be there. So, I have not yet set my sights on the next 3 months, I feel however that is not far away..

So, with a good run behind me, I tackled the destruction of the old garden shed, along with two visits to the tip. What a robustly DIY thing to do! The new shed sits in the garage, beaming about its fresh newness and reeking of that protective liquid, not creosote any more, some other sort of preservative.

And then the Grand Prix - very exciting. Well done Sir Frank.

To round it all off, a glorious bottle of Rosso di Montalcino Camigliano 2007. A sweet, raspberry-fruited vintage, warm and luxurious in the mouth. An absolute treat. Just what good central Italian wine is all about. Sangiovese at its very best. It is a glorious vintage, so fill your bootless. The 2006 ain't bad either.. About £15, I bought it from the Wine Society a year or so ago.

Good times.