Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Miles: 23.2, Units 22 (hurrah!)

Trainingwise, not a perfect week. I didn't run my intended Frenches session on Wednesday, and opted instead for Cemetery Hill. I was planning for about 30 mins of effort, but at about 25 minutes I came across a cat that had been struck by a car, and was (not to beat about the bush) dying in front of me. Another car stopped and we got it ready to go to the vets, but it had clearly suffered too much. Not a great omen, and pretty horrible. I blew out my Friday run with a bit of a sore throat and a general feeling of lethargy- and so, I aimed on Saturday for a strong 10 miler with the same again on Sunday, to prepare for the 20 mile race on the following week - however, I had to work on Sunday from 7am to 5 and quite frankly a steady 40 mins was all I could muster up. All round a sorry picture - summed up nicely in this pic of me from the Clarendon marathon in 2007

Winewise also not a very exciting week. The most enjoyable drop was a bit of an oddity - Bricco Rosso Suagna Langhe Rosso 2004. A lovely, ripe, tart wine, from the Dolcetto grape (literally - little sweet one). Plummy fruit, medium-bodied, and quite a charmer. A sit-up-and-beg wine, if you will. Needed food to cut the acidity. I prefer Dolcetto to Nebbiolo, to be honest (I can hear you wine buffs gasp! but yes it is true) and I would choose a Sangiovese over the two any day. Still, nice to try the stuff that fuels the Milanese lunches!


  1. What did you do with the dead cat?

  2. Alas I did not have my trusty copy of "101 uses" to hand..tsk, never there when you need it.

    In all seriousness, thankfully the kind man who lived in the cemetery tied house hung on to it and called the RSPCA.