Friday, 17 February 2012

Hills and Hugel...Running and Riesling

Last Sunday, I took to the trails for the 21.2 (by my GPS..measurements vary!) extremely hilly, cold, muddy Meon Valley Plod. Quite an experience. The goal was to test my endurance out - and I am delighted to say that it passed with flying colours. I came 44th out of 250ish, and even had some push left for the last few miles. But oh my gosh, what a course! There is something very special about these kind of long events. You sit at the end, and run your mind over the 3 hours 15 of running, and all the things you have seen..and it is incredible. Sometimes you can't even believe it was the same event. So, now I need to let my legs recover, and then I have 3 weeks to get a totally different type of training in- faster work, to be road ready for the Silverstone half marathon in 3 weeks. We move away from time endurance and towards speed endurance. This is gonna hurt...

On the wine front, last night Janet was in Scotland, so I have a chance to try 'the wines that come in tall think bottles, and are a bit Germanic, and maybe a bit floral'. The wine of choice was a glorious Alsace riesling from Hugel - the tradition 2008. It was dry, only a hint of floral, and with an intense citrussy nose. At £14.95 it is not cheap, but you are getting hand-crafted wine here, some of which I am sure is the off-cuts from Grand Cru vineyards. If you have not experienced a great Riesling - and crave a very different style to Chardonny - you should get your hands on a bottle of this.

Altogether quite lovely.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

It's darned cold right now

Two evenings of running in the cold tests the patience of even the most committed runner. There is the philosophy that cold weather makes you run fast, to keep warm - ok, sure that might work - however it also makes you feel entirely unlike pushing yourself in 6min/mile reps. The thought of all that cold air rushing in the lungs is enough to make me go for 'just a steady one tonight'

On the other hand, winter food is great. Lamb shank is bubbling away tonight, partnered with a Moss Wood 'Amy's Blend', a cabernet, merlot and petit verdot Bordeaux blend from Margaret River in Western Australia. This is lush, sweet fruit, brambly, hint of mint, delicate and powerful. Yummy.

Tasting note from Matthew Jukes sums it up well “A cabernet sauvignon-dominant wine of jaw-dropping class unequalled anywhere.”

I shall ensure i enjoy it..