Saturday, 7 January 2012

Getting back in to the Flow

A week of getting back into the flow of running. What do I mean by that? When you put in a real effort and it does not feel like effort, in that you actually enjoy pushing yourself, testing the limits. Saying it does not feel like effort is different to saying it is not hard, because it is. It feels like good tough, getting in touch with your inner animal.

So, the method of choice was a 8 x cemetery hill session on Thursday, about 3.5 miles of hard effort in a 7 mile run, in the cold. The repeat runs of Cemetery Hill starts with a tough climb, then it gets a bit more gentle, and finishes with a flattish 100m. All told about 3.5 mins per cycle, the overall run about 55 minutes. At the end your legs are screaming, your lungs are burning..and yet today you feel really alive.

And, as the saying goes, no-one ever felt worse after a run than they did during it. Clearly not true if you injure yourself, but in general terms, the afterglow is good...and provides calorie burn too...

As I sit scribing this I am imbibing a beautiful Sancerre La Reine Blanche 2010 Vacheron. Vacheron is organic and biodynamic, and I do think I can taste it in the restrained yet powerful essence of the wine. It is fresh, clean, zingy, a little bit of minerally steel, some gooseberry, and just the right amount of cut for the Salmon Wellingtons, Cavolo Nero and Aubergine mixed vegetables that is bubbling away.

Looking good round here tonight!

Pip pip.

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