Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Buying La Torretta - Day 2 Tuesday

Tuesday morning was a bit of 'free time' as we did not have to be at the Notary's office until 3.30pm - and we did not really feel like we were on holiday. So, after a slightly more leisurely breakfast, we did nip up to La Torretta, keeping our eyes peeled for the current owners, in case they also dropped by! We did not really want to meet them before the big day. We didn't have keys, so we stuck to checking out the space - as you can see from the photos. The land to this side actually falls away more than I remembered, which will give us a great aspect for the pool, and give the land a bit of structure
From the other side, you can see how open it is to the small road to the side. This road is a tiny lane, just servicing the 3 or 4 houses up here, and you can't see it at all from the house because of the dip. It allows you to 'borrow' the view of the field of olive trees on the other side of the lane, as well, so that it feels like it is part of the garden. We will need to fence in the land, as if you have a pool it is a legal requirement that there is protection from random people running in and drowning themselves - so your choice is either to have the pool enclosed or the land. We will plant a second row of trees in front of the ones you can see o provide a screen from the farmhouse behind and to mark out the right of way where the white gravel is.

At 3.00 we met the other sellers in the cafe (a bit stilted as you might imagine) along with the agent. Then, off to the offices, a bit late because the notary's car broke down. 

Suffice it to say that the experience of sitting opposite the seller whilst the contract is read out word for word in Italian and then in English is rather unusual to the English way of doing it. I had a liking for the seriousness of the occasion.

And, by 5.50pm - at last we owned La Torretta.

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