Friday, 7 October 2011

Qupe Syrah 2007

Friday evening. Ahh! Lovely relax after a challenging week. I ran into work today and back again. As a green travel plan it is pretty tough. But, two runs in a day is what the real professionals do - and it sets your metabolism up and running twice a day, not once, so it torches calories!

So, a good wine was called for this evening. This was the second bottle of this wine, Qupe Syrah 2007(Majestic, about £18) from a wonderful estate in California. You will first note that the wine is labelled Syrah not Shiraz - already the winemaker is guiding us that he is searching more for balance and subtle fruits, not a blockbuster. The wine has a lovely meaty nose, quite gentle. On the palate, lots of soft, subtle fruit, a bit of oakiness, very soft tannins, and a nice fragrance (violets?) that lingers in the mouth.

All in all a warm and wintry wine, and one that will go very nicely with tonight's chosen supper, a tomato sauce with linguine.


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