Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Grand Puy Lacoste 2002

Sunday evening, a joint of beef, and what better than a cracking bottle of claret! I have just received a mixed case of classed growth 2002s, and I didn;t intend to broach any of them for a couple of years at least. However, Steven Spurrier spoke well of the GPL 2002, so I thought - ok, why not!

I decanted several hours early, and it needed it. There's a lovely gentle curranty nose, but fairly simple, not deep or complex. On the palate, still a bit closed, but with some nice fruit. This wine is in its late teenage years, and still has a bit of time before it shuffles off the awkwardness of youth. My sense is that this si going to be a very nice wine in about, oh, I think, 5 years! Right now it is enjoyable but not at its best. Ah, such promise.

In a way, this wine reinforces my old statement that I would rather drink a wine too early than too late. And so it proves, for this was enjoyable, albeit not at its best. However it was far better than if it had been too mature, with pale, fading fruit.

Every wine has its time. Every wine lover's challenge is to find it!

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