Sunday, 6 March 2011

VLM week -7: The week I injured myself..

Well, the title pretty much gives the game away here. After the twinge on Sunday, I took it easy in circuits on the Monday night, and all seemed well. I put in a good performance on the track on Tuesday, 12 x 400, even deliberately holding just a bit back in reserve - I said to myself (quite presciently) that I had all the fitness I needed, now I just wanted to preserve it for 7 weeks and stay injury free. Tcha! Took Wednesday off, and a gentle session on the gym on Thursday. I'm over this, I thought. Oh how wrong I was, as on Friday, during a tempo phase, the twinge returned. I took the difficult decision to scrub my Saturday long run and rest up. Never an easy call, it is a decision you roll into over several hours, dropping from 22 miles, to well, maybe 16, to perhaps just 10, to..well, you get the point. The arguments with yourself. So, there it was, 2 runs, 14.8 miles, in what should have been a busy week.

The upside, however, was that there was more time to prepare for the arrival of the twinners from Treviglio in Italy  - and for me not to be knackered! Their flight got in late to Gatwick, and they arrived in Romsey at about 11.30 at night - so, after the swiftest of hellos and buongiornos, we whisked our guest, Giorgio, off back to ours for a bite of cheese and some chat. We were delighted to be able to give him his first ever French Red wine - a simple Cotes du Rhone from Paul Jaboulet (I would have perhaps gone grander if I had realised the import of the event..) which went down very well. Then, onwards the next morning to Stonehenge, as you can see, before heading to Salisbury. The day was glorious - cold, yes, but crisp and fresh. After walking round Salisbury Cathedral and Close, I became overwhelmingly proud of our history. It is sometimes only when you have to present your local area to others that you truly appreciate what you have...and reconnecting with the history of our own part of England has been a real delight. As, of course, have our twinners been!

Before he came, with a lovely piece of beef for supper, we tucked into a few glasses of Mont Gras Carmenere (Waitrose - £8.06), one of the grapes that Chile is making its own. Originally it came from Bordeaux, and was a blending grape. It suffered heavily from phylloxera, which rather wiped it out in Europe - but Chile does not have this issue. And, initially, the vintners thought it was Merlot! Suddenly they realised that they had something unique on their hands. Its style is deeply fruity, ripe raspberries, coffee, long and powerful. Altogether a lovely wine.

pip pip

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