Sunday, 6 February 2011

VLM week -11: The week with the conference

A week of three halves, if I may use the old footballing analogy. The first part was up in Manchester, for the Spring Conference at GMex - a huge event with all B&Q managers there. What a show - with Jason Manford and Diversity. Of course the really special moment was the FlashMob, with yours truly right up there on stage - as you can see. Not sure what has happened to my midriff, there seems to be an odd kind of 'rucking up' going on.

It was a great event, and I was totally immersed in it. My role (if I may aggrandise it as such) was to run one of the stalls in a 'Millionaire' style - 16 sets of 15 minutes, one after the other. Knackering yet exciting at the same time. I loved the praise, of course, and this reminder of my pleasure end enjoyment with being on stage!

Runningwise you will be pleased to hear that I took full advantage of the LA Fitness attached to the Hotel. My, that is hardcore gymming, with serried ranks of cardio machines, and separate zones for the muscle queens, and the abs addicts.

Then, back to the normal life for a few days, recovering from a very sore throat and the start of a cold. Without a doubt I was still struggling after the weekend, as I had not at all recovered fully.

Over the weekend, a ragged 17 miler on the Saturday proved both my still-recovering state and my leg tiredness. A swift 6 miler on Sunday turned out much better, after which we were joined by Janet's family for the afternoon.

On the wine front, a glorious bottle of Ridge Lytton Springs 2004 from the truly excellent Paul Draper. Predominantly Zinfandel, with 30% of other grapes, Petite Sirah and Carignan. The colour is ruby red with a hint of juicy purple, and on the nose, sweet fruit with a touch of vanilla. On the palate, such sweet richness, very rounded and complete, with excellent structure, The palate is glorious, just a ripe wave of lushness. Paul Draper has indeed tamed the beast that is Zinfandel.

Have a great week!

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