Sunday, 13 February 2011

VLM week -10: The week of doing too much

A week of pushing it pretty hard! 43 miles this week, which is not huge, however over the weekend I put in a great 8 miler at pace, with the middle 4 miles at 10k pace. I felt like the wind was in my shoes! Then, a tough 23 miles on the Sunday, in choppy weather, with tired legs from the previous day, having almost run a race! Well, as always, I suffered for it on Monday. On the upside, however, they were two cracking training runs, and so, as long as I could push it through, it would all be well! I am on the athletic knife-edge, for sure. Sounds a bit arrogant, when I say it like that - mind you, I am pushing to qualify for the Marathon 2012!

Wine of the week is a lovely Rhone wine, from the excellent 2007 vintage. It is Gigondas Les Pallieres 2007, Les Racines.  What a great drop. Beautiful sweet, rich fruit, A warming palate of mildly spicy Grenache, filling the mouth and lingering for ages. This is ripe, meaty, like a bowl of stewed brambly fruits. Yet again, proof of why the south of France can produce great wines that meet all our needs for big, warming reds.

Enjoy your week.

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