Sunday, 14 November 2010

Miles 27; Bike miles 0; Units Plenty

Well hello again, dear reader, after my two week break. I am especially delighted to have been able to post to you from Mauritius, if the wine choice was a little bit tongue in cheek!

Running-wise the holiday has been a great success, largely due to the excellent gym facilities. Now, I know a number of you will be saying 'holiday', 'RUNNING?' so let me reassure you that it was appropriately balanced as part of the week. In fact I especially liked going for a session in the air-conditioned gym, then watching the sunset with a Caipirinha, still in gym gear! Yes, I was a bit mad, however I loved the spinning classes with the mad instructor Adriano 'you have to focus!' and the cool gym. I tried a beach run but the slope was too much of a strain on the old ankles. The locals clearly did not mind, however, as we saw a daily procession of runners from the local school as we settled down at about 11am.

So, my Sunday run this week was back in the UK, and I really enjoyed being able to get outside, having pretty much done all of my running on a treadmill on holiday. It was chilly, but fresh, and really inspired me. The one time that a contrast with holiday weather is not an issue, I reckon!

Winewise, the two weeks on holiday have clearly not been all about fine experiences, as the island has to import everything, and whilst you could have some of the more well known fine wines, boy were they pricey! Most of what we drank was medium-priced South African, and actually very enjoyable, especially rose, which I enjoyed in that climate. Holiday, after all, is about kicking back a bit. However, it was great to get back into a classic - so this evening we have a Bordeaux on the video blog. I have recorded this on the macbook in the interesting to see if the quality is very different.

Video Number 6 - Chateau Batailley 2002, Paulliac, Bordeaux (c. £30, reasonably available eg from Berry Bros)

See you next time!

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  1. You need to create a wine/travel TV/Web programme a bit like the late great Keith Floyd. Focus on emerging regions/countries (if there are any left). There are hundreds of micro breweries in the USA which produce some outstanding "real" beers. There must be as many small wineries that do too.

    Are you familiar with the following site. Not a great presentation technique at all in my opinion (he's not one thing or another!). Just to give you an idea.