Sunday, 12 September 2010

miles 20.79; Bike Miles 2; Units 24

I mark a milestone this week with a return to (a bit) of hard training. Clearly the imminence of the Hursley 10k has impressed itself on my mind. So, I tried out 5 x 1km fast, with a 90 second float. Actually I was not that bad at all. I even think I could have gone faster. So, a really good start, though one training session does not a Gebrselassie make...anyway I really enjoyed that feeling of pushing again, that sense of making yourself work hard. There is a phrase, 'being in flow', that seems to sum up good training so well. The sense of flow comes best when you have a challenge that matches your skills, you know why you are running, the feedback is unambiguous (hitting a target time for an interval sure is unambiguous!) and you can focus only on the present. When you get this going, even tough tasks feel good. I am reminded of the excellent books from the 'runner's philosopher', George Sheehan, who just seems to sum up so well why we run. Out on Sunday with Southampton AC - just 4 of us this time for a great 15-miler through Hursley and Farley Mount. Some chunky hills including a 1.5 mile solid uphill drag! Really good day for it though, with the sun just starting to rise. So, a good week.

This week a glorious wine - Italian of course to symbolise both Monza and the Ferrari win of Alonso.

I am as you know an avowed McLaren fan but also an Italianophile, so I am naturally torn,. No difficulty with choosing Italian wine though - the truly excellent Rosso di Sera 2004, Fattoria Poggiopiano. The mix is Sangiovese 90%, Colorino 10%, and though this is almost Chianti Classico riserva, the estate declassifies it as IGT Toscana to enable it to be freed up from the rules. A great wine from the first taste - well balanced, with dark berries, coffee and a hint of maple syrup and rich spice. Big, full-bodied and rich, yet silky and wonderfully textured. Loads going on. Gorgeous.

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