Sunday, 5 September 2010

Miles 19.3; Bike Miles 8; Units 24

A new running determination has come back to me this week, as I stare at two inevitabilities. 1) I am entered for the Hursley 10k in 2 weeks, and, much as I may like to think that I have all my fitness still in my legs, I really don't when it comes to going faster. I am still able to knock out 15 miles at a fair old lick, but faster work - well, I probably haven't run as fast as a 10k requires since about early April and 2) I am also starting to slip just a bit through a lack of a goal. I have determined that I intend to run London next April if I get a place, or a club place (I will not take a charity place as I cannot be bothered with the fundraising - sorry - done it twice now!) and so I will need to get used to hard work again. So, only two runs, but both good ones this week.

I went out for a cycle on Wednesday evening as I just fancied it - it was raining yet again so I was not bold enough to cycle in to work; however, by the evening it had all improved dramatically. Therefore delighted to be getting my bike miles in. I still open the garage with a frisson of excitement, seeing my new machine in there, ready and waiting, asking to be used. It even looks athletic! I clearly have some kind of machine love going on.

On the wine front, a special event! This week I hosted a wine tasting for 12 people at a local restaurant - a proper paying engagement. It came from a chance comment from a company that we have worked with, looking for a wine event. I said "Why not me?" and they said "absolutely". So, we tasted eight wines, which were:

Cloudy Bay Pelorus NV
Reuilly Les Bouchauds 2009 Gérard Bigonneau
Peter Lehmann Riesling 2008 Eden Valley
Albariño Martin Codax 2009 Rias Baixas
Régnié 2009 Les Côtes de Saint Cyr
Oyster Bay Pinot Noir 2008 Marlborough
Rioja Reserva 2005 Marqués de Riscal
Gigondas 2006 E Guigal
(all from Majestic)

Without doubt the winners were the Albarino (I think I have mentioned this one before, really rich, chalky-dry and very interesting on the palate) and the Gigondas (big, bold, spicy and berry flavours). The Pelorus also went down very well and was the equal of most champagnes.

So, I am delighted to have shown the way on the tasting front - I am good at it, I enjoy it - can I build a career around it do you think? According to John Williams from the seminal 'Screw work, Let's Play" I have written my first 'playcheque'.

Pip Pip.

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