Sunday, 29 August 2010

miles 28.36; Bike Miles 1 (!); Units 22

You may initially be impressed by the mileage, and think that it is nipping back up again. Alas I must explain that this is an 8-day period, and thus contains two long run. I see this as entirely fair, largely because I had to postpone my Sunday long run to the Monday. Janet and I took a 5-day break, and packed a lot of room painting into it - so, I decided to run on Monday so as to get a few coats on. Unintentionally it turned into a chunky 15-miler at a fair old pace. On my return I weighed back into eggshelling galore - foolish boy! - so by Monday night I was cream crackered and glad to get back to work for a rest!

The one, solitary bike mile is because it was tipping it down on Wednesday so I didn't ride into work. I was determined to have at least one ride a week, so this is a measly cycle into Waitrose!

Winewise, we drank pretty well to compensate for the hard work, including a silky-smooth Volnay vielles vignes (old vines) by Potel from the 2005 vintage (not widely available) - just a simple villages burgundy, but for all that a pleasure to drink, all straberry fruit and earthy chunkiness. Also a rather toothsome bottle of Oyster Bay Pinot Noir 2009 (Waitrose, Majestic £9.99) which was elegant cool climate pinot noir at its best. Fragrant, soft and flavourful with aromas of ripe cherries, plums and gentle sweet fruit tannins - good stucture, ood length, perfect for something mid-weight like chicken, omelette, duck, asian food - that sort of thing. And, the weekend was also punctuated with the odd glass of Hidalgo's La Gitana Manzanilla (Waitrose £6.99) - just fresh, salty, and marvellous with some dolmades from Romsey market. So it was not all work work work you see..)

Happy days!

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