Sunday, 11 July 2010

Miles 24.31; Units about 25 (maybe)

Well, what a beautiful week for running! This would be for two reasons - firstly, that I started to get back into some harder training again with an interval session - 4 x 5 mins at 10k pace may not sound like much, but it was pretty testing - and secondly, because I managed to meet with the Southampton Athletics Club for their Sunday run. Only 5 of us this time, as we tackled an undulating (nay steep!) 13 miler through the countryside from Winchester. Just another one of those runs that reminds you what a glorious part of the world we live in down here.

Running with a group is a different experience. Firstly, you have to subjugate your own needs for the group, regulating your pace to match the front or the back. Inevitably the group spreads out, but that's ok, you wait for your fellow runners at strategic points if you are up ahead. Also, the route is not yours alone. And, you must also take your turn at the front, pushing the pace where necessary. What you get back is a great camaraderie, and a reminder of the social side of running. There is motivation, support..and if you want, just the pleasure of other's company, where you are working hard. There is no need to talk, and you must get the balance right between keeping conversation going and shutting up when the others just want to run. Finally, you tend to run at an easy pace, and don't take the long runs too fast- something we are all guilty of at times.

A varied week on the wine front - nothing sensational, however I did enjoy Morgenhof Chein Blanc 2008. Only now as I look for a pic of the bottle, do I find that it has been highly rated in the February 2010 issue of Decanter magazine., and Steven Spurrier chose this wine amongst others as his personal 'Best New World White Wine'. I can see why, for sure. He says "From high elevated 40 year old, dry land vineyards this benchmark Chenin Blanc has full honey and flower on the nose with natural acidity bolstering the pure depth of fruit, a wine that is there now and will age well." I would just add really crisp, with character, and perfect with fish and salad. I only wish I could remember where I bought it from...

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  1. I've been at the Chateau Musar 2002 = all week