Sunday, 18 July 2010

miles 18.31; Units 27

A two-run week...must be the first time in a long while as low as that, other than when injured or post-marathon. On the up side, two good runs - including a very early morning loop round Braishfield, not my usual at all. I have never really got on well with morning running, however I guess that's just because I have never done a lot of it! There is something about the freshness of the morning that just can't be beaten...usually. On this occasion, however, I seemed to have decided to co-incide with the work and school runs. It certainly gives you a different insight on the travelling public- ie yourself, normally - as they push on to work or school in the metal cocoon of a car, mildly oblivious to the running public. You get some odd looks as well, though I'd like to think that was merely jealousy from the desk bound wage slave reconciling his morning activity with what looked like a very much nicer start to mine. Couldn't resist using this picture either - tee hee.

All in all an odd week, as I have been grappling with the right direction to take workwise. More of that in later blogs I am sure.

Wine wise, something of an oddity. From the southwest of France, a white called Côtes de Saint-Mont, Les Vignes Retrouvées, 2008. It's from the rather obscure grape Manseng, which gives a dry yet full flavour, with an overwhelming sense of grapefruit juice. You can't just drink and not think with this wine - it demands notice, rather like a petulant child. I haven't actually worked out fully if I like it (which may make you wonder why it is wine of the week - fair point) yet I am intrigued, and look forward to the other bottle of it, which I shall consume this summer.

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