Sunday, 4 July 2010

Miles 18.3; Units substantial

Another busy and mad week on the work front, though I did manage to squeeze in an extra 5 miler to get the weekly total nibbling up a bit. I am just starting to notice a bit of 'creep' around the midriff...have to watch out for that one. On Sunday, my long run of around 10 miles was absolute torture with a belting hangover from the Saturday night. You do quite literally sweat out the alcohol on the way round! I was debating having my first long run with the running club, but to be honest, not only did I not feel like it, I probably wasn't legal to drive anywhere.

So far, I have not set a new running goal, though I feel that time is nearing. I do seem to be able to go for about 6 weeks before the lack of a focus gets in the way a bit. When you have to go out and put in the hard miles of fast work, which means pushing your pain threshold, it is difficult to do that without a specific purpose. Now why do I also think that's a bit of metaphor for how my life is at the moment...

On to pleasant topics, and of course Wine of the Week. No question this week. We went round to Keith and Pete's for dinner on Saturday, and I took the opportunity to raid the cellar. Standout wine was Grahams 1983 vintage port. Sensational, with everything you'd expect - sweetness, power, perfect balance between alcohol, fruit and tannin..figgy, slightly cooked plums, very fine and with a long, subtle finish. 1983 was the famous (soi-disant) split declaration, with some shippers favouring 1982 and some 1983. Over time the latter year seems to have proved the better bet. Such. class, depth and complexity here. Graham's is on the sweeter side, and I like that.

An the final good news is that I still have one more bottle, and I reckon it needs drinking in in the next 12-24 months. Such a pity..

Pip Pip

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