Sunday, 25 July 2010

Miles 18.23; Units 23

Another week of only two runs - however, I have been reminded that I did also go to a circuits class and a gym session, so in fact I still exercised more than about 99% of the population! It just doesn't seem that much in relative terms to me. I am aware that the last statement sounds a bit please accept it for what it is worth! Another great long run out with the club through the Hampshire countryside. It hinted at drizzle but limited itself to mildly muggy. We had a newbie with us today, which made me cast my mind back to that time for me, and the slightly embarrassed 'new girl/boy at the disco' emotion it can engender. I did feel for her, as she said 'oh I fancy about 10 miles' which then became 13 with a chunky hill at the end - and then she had to run 2 miles home! The testosterone of the group was rising, the boys and the girls!

I was also thinking about the power of music on the run, and my taste for pumping electronica, not a style I was into when young - however now I love it for driving you on, espcially the 1990's Ibiza type tracks. I was wondering what it would have been like to attend some of those raves, just letting yourself totally go to the music. Can't imagine that that must have been like. One of my favourites right now is 'Rapture' by IIO (if this doesn't work, maybe search for 'rapture IIO' on youtube). There is something just so mesmeric about it, I am sure that I enter some kind of a trance focus when I listen to this whilst burning round a track. Oh how my life has changed from 5 years ago..

Just awesome music for intervals.

Wine of the week is a belter - Domaine de la Janasse Terre d'Argile 2007, Cotes du Rhone Villages. This wine got 91 points from Robert Parker, and I am not surprised - it is just his kind of wine, really big and extracted. It's a blend of 75% Grenache and 25% Mourvedre from this well known producer, who worked up something very special in the excellent 07 vintage. It is so dense, with a nose of blackberries, and kirsch. There is a rich, texture of fruit, and a long long finish. Plenty of life in this wine. Quite glorious, and a shocking 15.5%!

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