Sunday, 27 June 2010

miles 13.1; Units 22

Another lean week on the miles front - just a treadmill session in the basement gym of the Holiday Inn in Bolton (which was as good as it sounds..) and a lovely, lovely 10 miler today in the morning sun. Up to Hilliers arboretum, hen through Ampfield wood, back via Green Lane. So many other runners out too - we are a happy crew, with the knowing glances of 'look at what we are doing to enjoy ourselves that others aren't!' Getting up early, heading out when the day is still crisp - oh, that is such a treat. I am really beginning to appreciate the natural world in the morning, from having a coffee on the patio with the gentle morning sun starting to warm the day, to the fact that it is just - well, quieter at that time of day. Makes you feel very philosophical about things.

It's been a strangely busy weekend, which started with a wedding reception on
Friday at Marwell Zoo. It is somewhat peculiar - in a really good and different way - to be met by a Zoo train at the gates, and driven through past the hippos and tigers on the way to the rather lovely Victorian Gothic pile in the centre, where Roger and Tess (for it was they) were wading in for round 2, the evening crowd. Just lovely - and met some great folk. The photo this week is indeed of Janet on said train!

Winewise, probably Saturday evening won with a further bottle of the Lanzaga Rioja 2004, all cherries and strawberries, nicely developed tannins, and a really warm, rich palate. This is new-wave Rioja production, so fruit and oak, not the old, oxidised style (which can also be lovely, a bit more mushroomy). I think I will keep the remaining bottles for a year or so - should be just great.

Definitely a week of not putting into action all the plans that we'd carefully made on holiday. Better next week..

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