Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Miles: 26.98; Units: maybe 30?

What a great week for both running and wine. Although the mileage was not spectacular, that is because I was resting before running the Maidenhead 10-miler at the weekend. Whilst I was not initially enamoured with the idea of an early get-up on Good Friday, on account of a 9.30 start and a 90 minute drive, I cracked open some pumping tracks whilst blasting up a pleasingly crowd free M4, and got very much in the mood! The day was one of pleasing things, such as the excellent macchiato doppio created by the man at the Costa Coffee at Winchester services. Then, on arrival, I was greeted by a runner I had met at a previous race - most impressed he remembered me. Really great. And then, to top it all, I knocked off a personal best of over 3 minutes, coming in at 66mins 37 secs, a great time on what was not a pancake flat course as promised. All in all a very good one, and not too pooped when I got home.

Saturday brought what is not wine of the week, but, for once, wine venue of the week, which is Hotel Terravina in Netley Marsh. The latest creation of
Gerard Basset MW and his wife, the magnificently-moustached owner of this fine new hotel (Gerard, not his wife), is a triumph and a tribute to great food and wine. His first great success was the Hotel du Vin in Winchester, and then he sold that on, enabling him to start again (thinks...how often in life do you get a second go?). I was truly awed when he came to us as we chose our wines, and humbly asked if we needed some help! I was of course also very puffed up when he applauded my choice of white, and plumped for the same reds that I would have done so. Oh, what fun! We started with a fresh, crisp Prosecco, moved on to an Albarino from Rias Baixas, then a Rosso di Montalcino. Glorious, and a place much to be recommended for a great dining experience - and in my case, for some lusting at his wine cellar in the photo (bottle envy? certainly...). Happy days, happy Easter!

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