Sunday, 28 March 2010

Miles: 29.8, Units 22

I took the first part of the week off as recovery from the weekend races - so, just Friday and Saturday, and a steady run whilst marshalling on Sunday. The philosophy of happiness suggests that helping others is in fact the best way to inner peace - and, having spent Sunday morning guarding a T junction whilst the Eastleigh 10k strode past, I get a sense of what that means. You can easily forget the pleasure of actually watching races when you run's great to see the differing runners, their styles and personal battles. Even better, there is a certain surge when you hear those words 'thankyou marshall' from the huffing runners. You experience instant gratification from the participants, and reflect on the general niceness of their usage of the scarce resource of breath to shout out to you. Simple things, simple pleasures!

I am delighted that I avoided the lazy "as a runner.." in the above piece, that is nowadays all too often used to justify completely subjective views with the fake mandate that is assumed from all others in a similar state, as if the mere fact of being part of a group allows you assumed authority to pass off your own thoughts as representative of the collective. Just a bug bear of mine that I hear a lot of now ("As a radio listener.." perhaps I should have said?). Put away the soap box, John. As a blog reader I just don't want to hear it.

Wine of the week is a cracker - Kanonkop Paul Sauer 1999. Aromas of coffee, spice and berries, and of course blackcurrants. Great structure, not too powerful, just really well-balanced. A well-known Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot/Cabernet Franc blend that won the silver award at the inaugural judging of South Africa’s champion Bordeaux Blend cellar at the Calyon Trophy. Kanonkop is a fantastic estate that reminds me why I like South African Bordeaux blend so much more than actual Bordeaux, most of the time.

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