Sunday, 14 March 2010

Miles: 25 (plus 8 exercise classes); Units:40? (two weeks)

A double-post this week, to allow for the lack of a post last Sunday. We were at Champneys for a long weekend, hence no post last weekend, very little running and lots of exercise classes. It was a wonderful relaxer - really great. Exercise in the morning, pampering in the afternoon. My favourite class, without a doubt, was a spinning class the like of which I have never encountered before. I've done spinning - ie an exercise bike session - but not in darkness with the music pumping. We span to the beat, pushing the resistance up on the thumping bits What an adrenaline blast! At the end your legs are screaming at you, and you feel surprisingly good.

Wine wise, we were very restrained, having but a half bottle of a rather good Sancerre 2008 for dinner. Very crisp, very clean, and with that steely determination that marks out Sancerre from New Zealand Sauvignon.

So, a quiet post for two weeks - sorry about that - I promise a return to form next week.


  1. Ticks all my boxes. Bikes. Nice looking girls. And a drop of wine.

  2. For the sake of clarity I should stress that the wine is not usually consumed whilst 'pumping iron' as I believe the term is..interesting idea, though, for the really time-pressed.

    I'm looking forward to finding an opportunity to get up to Yorkshire to see you