Sunday, 28 February 2010

Miles 33.84; Units 27

Exercise-wise, a back end loaded week. I had to miss three training days through pressure of work. Sometimes that's not such a bad thing, as it gives you a chance to recover. All too often, we runners can run ourselves into the ground, if we are not careful. However, after two days you start to feel the lack of exercise, and imagine that you are ballooning up in weight. This of course is not true, though that is little comfort. This may also be a personal thing, however I usually find that when I take more than one day off, a number of niggles emerge - in this case a touch of plantar fasciitis (for you non-runners, a pain like a drawing pin being lodged in your heel - see the gloriously Heath-Robinson picture of the necessary stretching to help the recovery). Maybe the body is just seizing the day and bringing the bad stuff out that it has kept under check whilst you are exercising - clearly 3 days is enough for it to think "oh good, we seem to have stopped all this mad running lark, so let's start to rebuild ourselves". In any case, it is a huge disincentive to sofa-time, and is just the kind of thing that happens during tapering and plays badly with your mind...

A couple of wines this week. The WOTW is definitely a Volnay Vieilles Vignes 2005, Nicolas Potel. Gorgeously silky fruit, cherry-ripe, good depth, and nice crunchy tannins. Really a beautiful bottle for a mere 'villages' wine. Just about right, one to drink up in the next few years. Went wonderfully well with lamb and pomegranates on Saturday night. The 'honourable mention' goes to a bottle of Manzanilla Pasada by Pastrani, which has been just perfect for a little glass every now and again during the week. How I love that salty tang, that freshness with bite..oh, i you don;t already drink dry sherry you are missing out - grab a Tio Pepe or a La Gitana immediately and chill it, then drink with almonds. Heaven!


  1. The trouble I have with Tio Pepe is that one is never enough and two is too many. I've blurred many a meal that way.

  2. right you are. I am delighted to hear that you are also a dry sherry sybarite. The wonders are known to so few. On Romsey market we also have a delightful man who sells olives and dolmades,which heighten the pleasure almost to illegal levels. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday evening, eh?

  3. You and your other half must come up here and stay. You bring the wine. I'll man the Aga. And I'll loan you a running partner. I'll put the Tio Pepe in the fridge.

    PS amongst blurred sherry memories, I do have a clear one, which was of drinking Harvey's Bristol Cream (I know, I know...) after a frosty walk at Bibury Court, with my honorary sister. Lovely.