Sunday, 10 January 2010

MIles: 24.5, Units 24.5

A difficult running week, what with the snow and the ice. Tuesday was a beautiful evening for a run - on with the trail shoes, out in the crunchy snow. I felt magnificent and slightly mad, as I imagine did those drivers who saw me. The ice sent me to the gym for a couple of sessions on the 'dreadmill' which I never like. I braved the conditions at the weekend and managed to piece together a 16-miler across a variety of surfaces, and didn't actually fall over...

Winewise, trying to come down off the high of Christmas (quantity and quality), however, a good selection of midrange, mostly reds, from a Wine Society mixed case. Wine of the week is Wirra Wirra Church Block Cab/Shiraz/Merlot 2007 - rich blackcurrant notes, nicely integrated, with tannins present, thankfully soft enough to drink. A big wine, not a blockbuster. 14.5% too, probably 15% if we did but know it.

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