Sunday, 24 January 2010

Miles 12.5; Units 26 (!)

Miles were down this week for two reasons - firstly, resting prior to the Romsey 5 race at the weekend, and secondly a mysterious and as yet unexplained ankle pain that arrived, unplanned and unwanted, on Thursday, precluding a few steady miles. However...race result - delighted! Just under a minute off my PB, coming in at 30:48. Seems I was unduly pessimistic last week. That would predict a 2:54 marathon (don't get carried away yet, though). Great news too for Janet, who also blasted her PB by 20-25 seconds, after a less-than-perfect lead-in to the race. The weather was optimal - a bit cold, no wind, just right. It's a strange thing in racing - you can be at 2 miles thinking that you are ahead of your planned pace, not feeling too tired, and then by 2.5 miles you suddenly realise you are going to have to write a cheque from the Bank of Endurance. It is so quick, the move from on top of your game to hanging on. Is that a metaphor for life - or just running? Finally, I have to admit to a crazy finish line sprint, grunting like a Braveheart warrior, as I chased the line, with someone bearing down on me. Aha, I held them at bay, though!

Winewise, the week is improving, with a number of excellent bottles, and a very well-kept pint of Abbot Ale on Thursday . This evening's choice, to go with a casserole, is Lirac Chapelle de Maillac 2006, Roger Sabon, Lirac being one of the named Southern Rhone villages. Warming, not too heavy, lovely sweet palate, hint of liquorice, beautifully balanced. Tannins very soft - I think this will be a wine to drink this year. One of those wines where, yes, it might improve, however it is pretty darned lovely now, so why wait? Instant gratification.

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